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Sally Bedrosian


Sally Bedrosian

Since Sally started volunteering this past May, she has brought new energy and excitement to Florida Craftsmen and the gallery with each project she tackles. Sally moved to downtown St. Petersburg last year after becoming aware of the plethora of arts and culture in the area and has been happy with her decision ever since.

Sally mentions that “finding Florida Craftsmen was the niche I had been looking for, and I look forward to a long and productive future with them.” And we are looking forward to the same.

Folk Artist in Michigan

Sally was a practicing folk artist in Michigan for over 20 years, with works in many collections. She became intrigued with silversmithing in 1998 and continues to take classes in metals as she is constantly working on new and interesting ways of creating her designs.

Not only is Sally a talented artist in her own right, but she has been a community volunteer for more than 40 years. In Michigan she was a docent at Cranbrook House, home of the Booth family founders of Cranbrook School. She helped raise funds for the Child Research League, an organization which funds research in children’s diseases.

After moving to Florida, she coordinated the March On Art show in New Port Richey for seven years and is presently volunteering for the Florida Society of Goldsmiths.

"SNAGged" for Goldsmiths Conference

Recently, Sally was “snagged” (pun!) – to act as the Program Committee Chair for the 2004 Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG) conference, which will take place in and around downtown St. Petersburg. Her position will be the most demanding of all the committees, but she is excited about the challenge and the opportunity. Sally can also be found teaching classes at The Arts Center.

When Sally is not volunteering, making jewelry or teaching, she enjoys traveling. She and her late husband, John, traveled extensively throughout the U.S. over a 30-year time span, and began to include travel to Europe in 1987, with as many as 5 overseas tours a year. Her favorite travel destinations include Paris, Provence, and Scotland.

Thank You, Sally

We appreciate Sally’s immense energy and talents. She is truly a genuine asset to our organization.