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Peggy Walls Johnson

Recently the Florida Craftsmen Gallery was afforded an opportunity to recommend one of our dedicated volunteers for the regional Volunteer of the Year Award sponsored by the United Way of Tampa Bay. Without any hesitation, we chose to nominate Peggy Walls Johnson. The many, many reasons Peggy was recommended are written below in the essay we submitted with her nomination:

Peggy Walls Johnson is Florida Craftsmen's longest serving volunteer, having been with the statewide organization for almost fifteen years.

Master of the Library

One of Peggy's major contributions was the organization of FC's library. This daunting task included setting up a card catalog system, maintaining an album of newspaper articles and organizing FC's slide registry. FC's library is an integral part of FC's member services.

More than six years ago, Florida Craftsmen moved to its present downtown location. We were fortunate to have an incredible volunteer like Peggy "move with us" to FC's new home. Peggy began assuming new duties --providing crucial help with FC's newly-expanded artist and gallery inventory, while continuing to take pride in the library's maintenance.


Once Florida Craftsmen was settled in its Central Avenue location, our visitor traffic increased dramatically. Peggy recognized FC's newly-found needs and enthusiastically began working on the sales floor. When Peggy is working as the main salesperson in the gallery, she multi-tasks by answering the phone, assisting with bulk mailings and lends a pleasant hand with many general office tasks. She balances excellent customer care with detailed efficiency.

Beyond her service to FC, she is a supporting member of the organization, and gives a yearly contribution to support Florida Craftsmen's endeavors.

Knowledgable About Crafts

Peggy is extremely active in the local arts community. She spends two days a week (about thirteen hours) helping us serve both art patrons and our artist members. Peggy's genuine enthusiasm for the arts shines through when she shares her knowledge of craft art with visitors.

She never ceases to amaze us as she consistently takes on new challenges while Florida Craftsmen continues to grow. Peggy also volunteers at other arts organizations in St. Petersburg at least one day a week.

Thank You, Peggy

She is passionate about helping people and has a true love of the arts. She has a real understanding of the ways art can calm, inspire, and empower people. Peggy is reliable, diligent and hard working. Everyone at Florida Craftsmen truly appreciates all that Peggy Walls Johnson does and gives to our organization, and St. Petersburg is lucky to have such a civic-minded, committed arts appreciator as a resident. We admire her tremendously and appreciate her tireless commitment more than words can truly describe!