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Hello and Welcome to the Metal Discussion Group!

This Discussion Group can be as interesting as the members want it to be. Perhaps you have some tips you would like to share. Perhaps you have some equipment to sell or want to buy something. Perhaps you have a new website up and you want some critiques. This is the place for the Metal people in Florida to hang out.

Here are the guidelines:

  • You should be a member of Florida Craftsmen to participate
  • If you have any beefs with Florida Craftsmen, this is not the place to air them. Instead, send e-mail.
  • Use your real name and sign your message. If you are saying something worth saying, you should not mind who knows you said it. Aliases are for kiddies.
  • Keep it clean. Keep it civil. Keep it sane. Try not to get too worked up or sarcastic.
  • For Sale items, should have a topic line starting with FS. Likewise FA (For Auction), WTB (Wanted to Buy) followed by the item is the right way to do things. Don't forget to say where you are located.
  • This is not the place to promote yourself. If you are testing your site, fine, but constantly telling people you have one is bad manners.
  • "Spamming" the discussion will not be permitted.
  • This Discussion is moderated. Messages that the moderator decides violate the above rules will be deleted.

You can automatically register yourself to be a user of Metal by filling out and submitting this form. Only registered users are allowed into Metal.

Please use your real name and make sure this username contains no spaces, but underline marks can and should be used for spaces between your first and last name. Also create a private password. Together these will be your "key" into Metal from now on.

This information will be kept in a registration database that is accessible only to the webmaster, not to ordinary users. Please don't forget them, but if you do, you may send e-mail to the webmaster. Do not expect a timely response. It will take some time to look it up. Don't forget to say which discussion group you are in.


Form Submission

Make up a username:
--  you can use mixed case.
 Please use your real name here i.e. First_Last_Name. 6 letter minimum.

Make up a password:
-- keep this private! Please do not forget it. 6 letter minimum.
Enter password again:
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Enter e-mail address:
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