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FC Member Directories Published

The 2001 Florida Craftsmen Member Directory was recently bulk-mailed to current members across the state. The directory lists every FC member whose dues were current as of January 10, 2001. E-mail addresses have been included in the directory as well as an index listing artists by medium alphabetically.

Please check your member information closely as we can only publish what is directly received from you. When renewing your membership each year, please print legibly and fill out renewal form in its entirety. Make sure you update the office with any address, e-mail and phone number changes. Having a correct, up-to-date address also helps us make sure that you are receiving all FC mailings, as we bulk mail and mail services do not forward bulk mail to new addresses.

The directory is designed as a valuable resource for members, and is not intended to be duplicated for the benefit of other individuals or organizations wishing to secure mailing lists unethically. If you or your group is interested in Florida Craftsmen’s mailing list of members and artists, please call the FC office at (727) 821-7391. To our members – please note that the FC office carefully screens mailing list requests and only issues requests that we feel would be of benefit to the membership.

Enjoy the directory…it’s a great resource and an invaluable member benefit! 


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