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We Welcome New Gallery Artists

Florida Craftsmen Gallery is always looking for contemporary craft art to be sold in the gallery. Work must be of original design and hand-crafted. Work will be accepted on the basis of quality craftsmanship, aesthetic merit and originality.

To apply to exhibit your work at the Florida Craftsmen Gallery:

  • You must be a current Florida Craftsmen member and resident in the State of Florida
  • Send a packet which includes:
    1. A current resume
    2. 5 slides or photographs of your artwork
    3. A sample retail price sheet based on 50/50 commission
    4. A sample of your actual work, if necessary

Information must be in our offices by the first day in the alternating months of February, April, June, August, October and December for bi-monthly Standards Review Committee meetings.

For more information please call the Gallery Director, (727) 821-7391.