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Rebecca Gifford Handpainted Silk

Gallery Artists

Rebecca Gifford

Rebecca Gifford (St. Petersburg – fiber) has been a featured gallery artist since 1996. Born in Tampa, Rebecca steadily honed her silk painting techniques through working apprenticeships, workshops and travel.

Rebecca has painted professionally since 1980 and established Suncolor Studios in 1996 to promote her large, beautiful hand-painted silks. Her works adorn corporate environments, public spaces, and private homes. Rebecca’s brightly-colored, handpainted silks have been stretched and framed for wall installations, featured as murals, hung as banners and used as room dividers.

Rebecca’s use of dramatic yet harmonic color combined with a hand uniquely her own reflect imagery in response to nature and the environment of her native Florida and the Caribbean.

Above: There was a Time, (detail) handpainted silk, 6.5 x 3.5 ft.

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