Florida Craftsmen Seeking CEO

Florida Craftsmen is seeking a CEO/Executive Director for our 52-year old non-profit fine craft organization. This position requires a dynamic, entrepreneurial-minded leader to manage growth of the organization and to implement the Board of Directors new vision.

The deadline for application is October 31, 2005. A detailed job description is available here.

Submission Requirements

If you are interested in applying, please submit the following:

  • Resume and employment history
  • Salary and relocation expectations
  • Candidates Invited to Share Their Ideas

    In addition, Florida Craftsmen is requesting that all participants review and provide their thoughts on the following three issues that are pertinent to Florida Craftsmen. The response to each question should be two to three paragraphs.

    1. The Florida Craftsmen Board of Directors has recently recommitted to making this organization, headquartered in St. Petersburg, meaningful to its statewide members. We seek to maintain and improve our relevance as a state-wide organization.

    Please share your thoughts on how, through programming, events, technology, etc, Florida Craftsmen can effectively serve the needs of fine craft artists across a state that is not only geographically large but culturally diverse.

    2. At a recent retreat for the Board of Directors, the organization established short and long-term goals for increasing membership in the organization.

    Please share your thoughts on strategies for building membership in a state-wide non-profit arts organization.

    3. Florida Craftsmen, like most organizations, struggles to maintain a diverse funding base that includes public funds (state, county, city), foundation grants, private donations, retail revenues and membership income. With continued cuts in public funding, organizations such as ours are more dependent than ever on private funding. Consequently, the Executive Director needs to be an experienced fundraiser.

    Please share your experience in building and running successful fundraising campaigns. Please include details of how the campaign was conceived and promoted. Information should include specific information on established fundraising goals and the overall success of the fundraising campaign.

    Please submit all request information to the following address:

    Florida Craftsmen, Inc.
    501 Central Avenue
    St. Petersburg, FL 33701
    ATTN: Executive Director Search