July 9 - August 21, 2004
Felipe Packard and Ricardo de la Vega

Felipe Packard and
Ricardo de la Vega,
mixed media

"Beginning in Mexico and continuing in the United States, we have collaborated together for more than twenty years to create dreamlike figures using, at first, the ancient technique of papier mache."

"Although our work is still largely composed of high quality, acid-free paper compound, it has evolved into a mixed media technique in which we now include wood, fabric, metal, gold and silver leaf, as well as other materials."

"We have drawn freely from our own experiences growing up in Mexico, a country whose reality, frequently surreal, mystical, and multi-leveled, is sometimes quite different from the more pragmatic reality of the U.S. Our palette also resembles that of Mexico, where bold, vivid colors are the norm."

"In our work, surrealism and realism are mixed, sometimes with subtle humor. We have been influenced by the richness of both Mexican and American culture to create our own artistic language."

Roots/Raizes: A Harmony & Contrast in the Cultures with Packard de la Vega
July 9 - August 21, 2004
Florida Craftsmen Gallery
5th and Central Ave.
St. Petersburg, Florida