July 22 - August 27 2005
A Glimpse into Echizen Ceramics

Klein Family Gallery
Sponsored by the Morris Family Foundation

Mitsuo Oya
Water Jar ‘Waterfowl’ with Natural Glaze
Mitsuo Oya

This exhibition features ceramic ware from the Fukui area of Japan where abundant iron-rich stoneware has been worked by Japanese potters for over 1,000 years.

The term "Echizen" refers to the potters of this region who initially produced their wares for agricultural or utilitarian use. A renaissance of Echizen Ceramics in the 1960s led the Japanese government to establish an industrial research and education center, a pottery village with museum and performance hall, and a sculpture garden to celebrate the long ceramic tradition of the area.

Nobuyasu Kondo
Nobuyasu Kondo

A subsidized mining company produces the native clay solely for the use of potters. Instruction and apprenticeships continue to flourish with over 60 independent Echizen Potters currently working today, many of whom have work in this exhibition that features both wheel-thrown and coil-built vessels.

Collected for their simple beauty and time-honored tradition of in-ground kiln firing, these exquisite and humble clay works recall the everyday rituals once prized but easily forgotten in our society of disposable goods.

The exhibition will offer a window into which their community, clay and culture can be experienced. The mayor of Miyazaki in Fukui Japan, Florida Craftsmen Area Director Chris Kelly and The University of North Florida are to be credited for their efforts to make this exhibition a reality.

Color catalogs are available for purchase.

Consul to Attend OPening Reception

Honorable Masakazu Toshikage, Consul General of Japan, will attend the opening reception of Florida Craftsmen's "A Glimpse Into Echizen Ceramics" 6-9 pm Thursday August 4, 2005.

The event is FREE and open to the public.