March 25 - May 14 2005
Deep Blue: Caribbean-American Statements

Oiseaux Sisters September 4th Envelope
Window, Erman

The Klein Family Gallery at Florida Craftsmen

Thursday March 24
5:30pm - Gallery talk with curator Juan Ermán Gonzalez
6-8:30pm - Opening reception.

As conceived by curator and fiber artist Juan Ermán Gonzalez, this traveling exhibition is meant to change public perception that Caribbean works of art equate to last minute souvenirs picked up on the side of the road.

Part of Ermán’s aim is to further blur the line dividing art and craft and concentrate on quality work, context, intentions, and execution.

The sixteen invited artists were selected in part because they use their mediums as dialect to tell their very personal stories of politics, sexuality, family and love.

All participating artists, considered masters in their chosen fields, are native to the Caribbean Diaspora and each are creating richly executed, cutting-edge contemporary works.

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Graciously Sponsored by Florida Craftsmen, Inc.’s Board of Directors. Reception hors d’oeurves compliments of The Garden & Redwoods. Floral Centerpiece compliments of Green Bench Flowers. Music Provided by Mezcal.

Invited Artists

Carlos Alves, Puerto Rican/Cuban-American, Miami, FL

Walford Campbell, Jamaican-American, Miami, FL

Miguel Cruz, Puerto Rican-American, New York City, NY

Maritza Davilla, Puerto Rican-American, Memphis, Tennessee

Helen Elliot, Jamaican, Baltimore, MD

Eusebio Escobar, Cuban, Miami, FL

Guillermo Gonzalez, Cuban-American, N Miami, FL

Stella Hackett, Barbados, represented in Miami, FL

CarolAnn Hamilton, Jamaican, Miami, FL

Carol Jaime, Cuban-American, Homestead, FL

Irene Peterson, Aruban-American, Miami, FL & Aruba

Danny Ramirez, Cuban-American, Miami, FL

Kikito Rodriguez, Dominican-American, Bronx, NY

Assyr St. Val, Haitian-American, Miami, FL

Fernando Tamburini, Dominican-American, New York City, NY

Juana Valdes, Cuban-American, New York City, NY

Traveling Schedule of Venues

September 3 – October 31, 2004 Ohio Craft Museum

March 25 – May 14, 2005 Florida Craftsmen

TBA Diaspora Vibe Gallery, Miami

TBA The Castle Gallery at New Rochelle College in New York