July 9 - August 21, 2004
Deane Kellogg

Deane Kellog,
Tall Chair Sculpture

"As a multi-media artist I have maintained a showcase gallery and a working studio in St. Augustine, Florida for the past 12 years."

"It has been my good fortune to be able to draw upon the artistic and creative environment that I shared with both parents. I have shone successfully at several juried exhibitions and won selective art show awards. I maintain a spark of spontaneity with a seasoned whimsical approach to each one of my creations."

"The tall chair sculptures are a collection of many elements. Materials such as wood, metal copper, glass, richly colored jewels and clay. In their combined strength they convey to the viewer a solid possibility limited only by one’s imagination. In the unified presentation waits a story every listener will hear differently. In the soft, sanded, brightly painted form and adorned surface of the chair lives a secret for each viewer to discover."

Emphasis on Drawing
St. Augustine Art Assn.
First Place ’95 Graphics
St. Augustine, FL

Cutting Edge
St. Augustine Art Assn.
Outrageous Merit Award ‘95
St. Augustine, FL

50th Anniversary Exhibition: State of Craft
Florida Craftsmen
Traveling Exhibition

St. Augustine Art Assn.
Lillina Hudson Memorial Award
Fantasy ’98 Mixed Media
St. Augustine, FL

L’Mieux Gallery 1st Annual
Trash Picking Show
New Orleans, LA

39 Cordova Gallery
St. Augustine, FL

Lee Morgan Gallery
Winter Park, FL
Pedestrian Gallery
Jacksonville. FL

Mixed Media Gallery
Jacksonville, FL

Ben and Jerry
Waitsfield, VT

Megg Associates
Palm Harbor, FL

Patti A. Christensen, P.A.
St. Augustine, FL

Town of Indian River
Indian Shores, Fl

City of Orlando
Orlando, FL

Echols & Pryor Technical communications, Inc.
San Francisco, CA
Yellow Dog Bites
Winter Park, FL

Richard G. Rumrell, Esquire
St. Augustine, FL

Deane Kellogg: New Works
July 9 - August 21, 2004
Florida Craftsmen Gallery
5th and Central Ave.
St. Petersburg, Florida