April 7 - June 22 2006

Klein Family Gallery at Florida Craftsmen

Women artists whose work resists labeling are featured in this new exhibition at Florida Craftsmen.

Alma Venus by Christine Marie Noguere

These artists are unrestricted by society's expectations of women, by the art world's expectations of fine art, and by the material definitions of craft. Their work pushes boundaries, questions, confronts and challenges.

Unrestricted is a showcase of female artists both emerging and established whose works are without constraints of function or medium.

Invited artists are: Alice Ballard Munn, Neverne Covington, Debra W. Fritts, Leslie Fry, Julie Morringello, Catherine Nash, Babs Reingold, and Becky Gray.

Also featured are: Jean Cappadonna Nichols, Nazare Feliciano, Shanna Fliegel, Robin Williams Haug, Hyo-in Kim, Betty Kjelson, Marliza Lopes, Natalie Macellaio, Benjia Morgenstern, Christine Marie Noguere, Oiseaux Sisters, Helen Otterson, Cristina Pellechio, Carla Tilghman, Joan Webster-Vore and Lisa Wigger.

Unrestricted is sponsored by: Abell Garcia Architects, PA, in memory of Jan Abell, Enee Abelman, Amelia Grace Alfiero, Emily Biel, Cox Target Media, Inc., Laura Militzer Bryant, Prism Arts, Inc., Brenda Brickhouse, Sarah Chaves, Esq., Angie Cheek, Bonita Cobb, Judy Cox, Maria Emilia, Florida Craftsmen, Inc., Linda Eneix, OTS Foundation, Luane Eagle Ferguson, P.A., Eagle& Eagle, P.A., Ellen Gaffney, Jone Gamble, Barbara Hart, Esq., Ruden McClosky Smith Schuster & Russell, P.A., Judith Lisi, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, Kathleen's Alterations, La Casa Del Pane, Catherine B. Martin, Inc., Pat Mason, First Night St. Petersburg, Marian McGrath, P.A., Martha Mixa, Diane North, Deanne Roberts, Creative Tampa Bay, Roberts Communications, Jo Shoemaker, Celeste Simon, Susanne Snyder, Kathy Stange, The Kathy Stange Team, Keller Williams, and Jill Voorhis, Extra! Extra!