September 21, 2011

MAC Program


MAC: A model for Artist Career Development.

Florida Craftsmen, Inc. presents:

MAC: A model for Artist Career Development.

This initiative is made possible by the Florida Department of Cultural Affairs and the Culture Builds Florida grant and Florida Craftsmen, Inc.

Florida Craftsmen, Inc. is Florida’s only state-wide non-profit organization dedicated to representing Florida’s established and emerging fine craft artists. The St. Petersburg headquarters consist of over 4,000 square feet of retail and exhibition space. For fifty-eight years, Florida Craftsmen has advanced and celebrated Florida’s fine crafts, in St. Petersburg and around the state, through exhibitions, workshops and educational programs. The mission of Florida Craftsmen is to empower the fine craft artists of Florida, enrich the community and engage the next generation.

In keeping with the goals of our mission, The Model for Artist Career Development, or MAC program, was developed to provide mid-career artists the how-to tools to individually expand their careers, increase revenue, and enrich the fiber of the state’s cultural and creative industries. Through a series of four five–hour workshops, artists acquired the skills needed to professionally market their artwork, enhance their reputation, and develop essential business practices for building and sustaining profitability.

If your business is interested in sponsoring the MAC workshop program, please contact Elizabeth Kozlowski.