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2005 - 2006 Board of Directors

Executive Board

John Roll, President
Laura Militzer Bryant, Vice President
Emmanuel Roux, Secretary
David Ramsey, Treasurer


Sue Castleman
Cathy Gardner
Elinor Gollay
Barry McIntosh
Ian Meares
Mary Anna Murphy
Sara Scher

Area Directors

Area 1: Open (Panhandle)
Area 2: Steven Fox (Tallahassee)
Area 3: Marie Wood (Ocala)
Area 4: Steve Heywood (Jacksonville)
Area 5: Maria Saraceno (Tampa Bay)
Area 6: Eva Walsh (Orlando)
Area 7: Muffy Clark Gill (Ft. Meyers/Naples)
Area 8: Kevin Kichar (Ft. Lauderdale/West Palm)
Area 9: Abbey Chase (Miami/Keys)

Florida Craftsmen Staff

Maria Emilia, Executive Director
Robert Marsh, Chief Finanicial Officer
Karen Haraminac, Curator
J.C. Graham , Gallery Manager
Jane Lorenz, Programs and Office Assistant
Tim Melton, Gallery Assistant
Darren Beistle, Exhibition Technician
Marcy Hesketh, Inventory Assistant
Gary Burge, Webmaster