In Remembrance

A friend to everyone that frequented outdoor festivals and a former member of Florida Craftsmen, Michael Mick passed away December 31st, 2001 at his home in Eustis, FL after suffering a long illness. A 20-year veteran of Florida's outdoor festival circuit, Michael was well-known for his masterfully distinctive ceramic sculptures resembling huge geodes, seed pods or giant eggs. Michael was very humble about his work, yet its presence was bigger than life, earning him frequent juror awards and recognition as a gifted studio ceramic artist. Our thoughts are with Michael's family and his very large circle of friends across the state at this trying time. As we mourn the loss of Michael's premature death, we will also celebrate his many accomplishments and lighthearted spirit he so givingly shared with so many of us during his professional artistic life.

Our CONDOLENCES to the family and friends of Barbara Melby-Burhans on the loss of her mother in January.

Known to the world as 'the father of the contemporary clay movement', Peter Voulkos passed away in Bowling Green, Ohio on February 16th. Pete, Don Reitz and Rudy Autio, all friends to Florida Craftsmen and to the St. Petersburg Clay Company, had been busy that day providing a joint workshop. Pete would most likely have preferred no other way to leave this material world than in the midst of educating and creating. Russ Gustafson-Hilton stated " A few days ago a potter died and somewhere, another was born. I'm glad we got to meet him, to see him work and to see his work." Our condolences are extended to all of his friends, associates and family -- especially to his daughter, Pier, who we know and like so well. We can personally extend our sorrow to Pier as she will soon be visiting us in Florida.