The Florida Craftsmen Membership Directory

Long a membership benefit tradition, we are sorry to announce that the Membership Directory will cease and will no longer be provided as a service to members each year. It has come to our attention that some organizations and art festival groups are using the directory to reach FC members, and our office has received many complaints from members who have received an overabundance of unsolicited mail.

If you happen to receive unsolicited mailings from an organization or individual you suspect of using the directory for a mailing list or personal use, please phone that organization directly to voice your complaint.

Florida Craftsmen occasionally sells our mailing list, strictly scrutinizing its use and sold only when we feel it will directly and positively benefit our statewide membership to receive particular information. For those of you wishing to remain in contact with other members, please contact our office and we can provide a computer printout for a small fee of members in your area or of members who work in the same media.

As a side note, please remember to keep your address, phone number and email address current in our office. Florida Craftsmen bulk mails almost all of our literature, and this process does not provide forwarding to new addresses. You could be missing out on newsletters and other important events and updates if your address is not correct in our computers. Phone Matt at (727) 821-7391 or send in an address change card to our attention.