Florida Green Quilt Raffled Off at CraftArt Festival

The beautifully crafted Florida Green Quilt concluded its raffle frenzy at the fifth annual CraftArt Festival, helping to raise more than $1,600 to support FC educational programs. Unfortunate for many of you but very lucky for one, this years quilt winner was Susan Carlson of St. Pete Beach bearing ticket number 119. Susan was absolutely thrilled to have added this wonderful artwork to her collection. We thank the South Florida Fiber Artists under the direction of Erman and Janet McIntyre for their time in putting the quilt together. The following artists who each contributed a square also deserve a huge round of applause: Karen Colett Frank; Erman; Fran Skiles; Nancy Leslie; Dianne Rabideau-Wise; Nancy Billings; Bonnie Dubbin Askowitz; Katherine Allen; Heather Forman; Eleanor McCain; Janet McIntyre and Emmie Seaman. Fanciful, embellished pillows were sewn and finished by Nicole Manuel from the remaining squares, donated by Teresa Barrett, Andrea Beane, Kim Collier, Linda Geiger, James Hendrix, Leslie Jennings, Marilyn Mars, and Alice and Michele Tuegel. A few remaining pillows are still for sale in the FC Gallery! If you have a great idea for the theme of next years quilt, or know of a group interested in taking on the challenge of taking the designs and coordinating its completion, please give us a call at the FC office. Wed love to go for a sixth round! Phone (727) 821-7391.