Florida Craftsmen and Florida Society of Goldsmiths
to Host 2004 SNAG Conference

With assistance from the national offices of SNAG (Society of North American Goldsmiths), conference coordinators and well-known jewelers Peggy Eng and Marcia Macdonald, FC and FSG have agreed to work with SNAG and are honored to act as hosts announcing that the 2004 SNAG conference will take place in St. Petersburg, Florida. St. Petersburg and surrounding suburbs were chosen as the location for the conference because both FC and FSG state organization headquarters and resources are located in St. Petersburg; the area is central to the state of Florida; and there are many existing facilities where workshops, seminars and lectures can easily take place.
The conference, which draws approximately 700 regional, national and international attendees, is planned to take place in the spring of 2004. Work will soon begin on the planning and implementation of this enormous undertaking, and Florida Craftsmen along with the West Coast Florida Society of Goldsmiths will soon be seeking volunteers to form the needed conference committees and help to shape the exciting events that can result from this wonderful opportunity. Stay tuned!