The Collectors Auction How Artists Can Help
February 22, 2002

All Proceeds to Benefit the Renaissance Building Campaign
Major Sponsors: Dick & Helen Minck
Co-sponsored by Extra! Extra! Graphics and The St,. Petersburg Clay Company

Moving ahead full-speed, Florida Craftsmen begins to celebrate its 50th Anniversary next year, in the midst of a capital campaign to purchase and eventually renovate the building that houses our current home. We will close on the sale in August 2002&the ultimate 50th birthday present! On February 22, 2002 we will hold a Collectors Auction to raise additional monies for this purchase. With the help of our generous sponsors, and with the auction taking place in the newly-renovated train station (the brand new home of the St. Petersburg Clay Company!) we anticipate an extremely successful event. We are asking help from our extended craft family to ensure the success of this venture.

Through fundraising efforts this past year, many of our artist members have voiced strong support of this effort, and without the ability of making an outright cash donation, many artists have committed to donating a major piece of artwork. We have already received large works from members Mark Hartley, Kevin Kichar, Rocky Bridges and Angelika Traylor, to name a few. Out-of-state, nationally-recognized artists who have connected with Florida Craftsmen through one of our conferences or exhibitions are also sharing their generosity thoughtful people like Tom Coleman, Don Reitz, Mary Bero, Gyongy Laky, Rudy Autio, Bob Ebendorf and Bruce Baker.

We are inviting our membership to participate in this one-time-only live auction by donating all or part of the proceeds from the sale of one of your pieces in this, The Collectors Auction. All proceeds will go to directly to the purchase of the Renaissance Building.

As with any live auction, only a finite number of works can be available to auction off that evening. Our Auction Committee is prepared to review and catalog the works selected for auction, now under a fairly tight time constraint. We hope to offer bidding across the state via our website and perhaps through a live simulcast bidding procedure. These are details we are still working out. If your donation does not happen to be selected for auction, we ask that you allow us to try and sell the work through some other means or another Florida Craftsmen fundraiser. You will absolutely get credit , however, for supporting specifically the Building Campaign.

If you are unable to donate work for this important auction, but still feel a desire to contribute, we have an alternative fundraiser/exhibition scheduled. GIMME SHELTER will be an exhibition of fifty houses created by artists and sold to help us buy OUR house. The exhibition sponsor, Strobel Construction, is creating 50 blank houses from wood to be embellished any way you see fit. If we are still in need of participating artists, well send you a house. You decorate it and send it back. These will be displayed together as an exhibition in March/April at the FC Gallery, and sold individually with the entire proceeds going to the capital campaign. And its fun!

We hope you will agree that Florida Craftsmen is a vital part of the crafts community serving more than 2,000 artists annually through professional visual arts programs. Your contribution to this effort will guarantee a rich future for artists, art supporters, collectors and for generations to come. We deeply appreciate your involvement through one of these two opportunities. Thank you for being part of our past 50 years and welcome to our next 50!


Mary Anna Murphy
Chair, The Collectors Auction

Michele Tuegel
Executive Director, Florida Craftsmen