Renaissance Building Fund Gift Acknowledgement Update

Since the tragedies of September 11th, many foundations and corporations have understandably diverted their funding priorities from art and cultural organizations toward national humanitarian-focused charities. Florida Craftsmen applauds these humanitarian efforts and all those that support them. Like many other arts organizations, Florida Craftsmen is realizing that it is critical to find other sources of financial support to make up for lost funding from foundations and corporations. Many people have begun to reflect upon their lives since September 11th and the arts are, and have always been an important tool for self-discovery, hope and reaching out to others. We feel we can do our part by maintaining our commitment of providing quality programs and services to artists and the communities we serve throughout Florida.

Part of that commitment drives us to continue to work diligently toward becoming new owners of the Renaissance Building, closing next August 2002. Ownership of the Renaissance Building will put our organization in a much more secure, cash-positive position as we move into the future. Prior donations have been made to the campaign by more than 200 corporations, foundations, individuals and member artists totaling $735,000 -- and the matching $367,000 Cultural Facilities Grant submitted to the State of Floridas Division of Cultural Affairs recently ranked third in the state among 38 grants! (The final state commitment will be made after the legislature meets next spring). Thinking optimistically about the Cultural Facilities Grant, and adding an additional $20,000+ in cash and pledges we have received since August 1st, Florida Craftsmens Renaissance Building Campaign Funds will now total over $1,122,000. We are within $280,000 of our Phase I Goal of purchasing the building without the burden of a mortgage.

Every single contribution is deeply appreciated as we move into the final phase of purchasing a statewide home for our organization. As an individual, your gift at whatever level you can afford profoundly impacts the importance of this project. If you are an owner of a small business, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Florida Craftsmen. If you are a corporation operating in the state of Florida, you may also pledge a gift as a tax incentive through the Community Contribution Tax Credit Program as our building is located within a designated Enterprise Zone. Please contact FC Executive Director Michele Tuegel or FC Development Assistant Jessica Cochran at (727) 821-7391 if you have questions regarding contributions of any kind. Please take a few minutes to also consider a year-end gift to Florida Craftsmen. Your thoughtfulness is valued and appreciated.

Special thanks to those who have recently donated generously to Florida Craftsmens Capital Campaign:

Wendy Giffin
The Hough Family Foundation, Inc.
and William R. Hough & Company

Lisa & Perry Everett
Joanne & Joe Fleece
Kathryn Boeckman Howd

Houghton Wagman Charitable Trust

Judith Powers & Michael Jones
Eleanor Brown
Chris Harris
Judy & Bill Isaly

Janet B. McIntyre
Mary Alice Braukman
Maria Castagliola
Geoffrey Simon & Andrea Graham Family Philanthropic Fund

Monroe E. & Suzette M. Berkman Foundation
Raymond C. & Lois C. Ferguson
Russ & Kathy Gustafson-Hilton
Connie & Hal Holzer
Peggy Walls Johnson & Family
Martha Kehm
Ronald Pehmoeller
Strobel Building, Inc.

Honoring David Bewley in Memory of Maxine Bewley
Linda Jorgensen
Jeri Marie & Bill Gammage
Michele & Bob Tuegel
Pinellas County Center for the Arts; Art Faculty
Denis Gaston
Fran Skiles
Susan Vey
Mary Jean Waldberg
Kathleen Wilcox

Cory Adler-Leidersdorff
Gertrude & Marvin Barkin
Doris Conner
Cheryl Fisher
Diane & Larry Fowler
Max & Gabriella Gonzalez
Janice & Morgan T. Paine
Sallie Parks
Angelika Traylor
Dolores Vickers
Paul & Marian Winters

Bricks & Mortar
Kenneth Cowan & Barbara Barnicle Cowan
Malgorzata Deyrup
Elaine Hoffman
Karen & Orville Lieberman
Laura & William Jeffers
Phyllis Kimbel
Melissa McClellan
Beverly & Ira Mitlin
Karen Valdes