Barnes and Noble Booksellers Provide Profits
for Florida Craftsmen

Once again, dedicated Florida Craftsmen members entertained and informed the public with lively craft demonstrations at five Tampa Bay Barnes and Noble Booksellers this past October 13th. A percentage of all sales made within a three-hour timeframe was donated to Florida Craftsmen, raising over $5,000 this year to support many FC programs and services. We believe we broke some fundraising records this year! Our gratitude and very special thanks to those artists who shared their time and talent with the thousands of Barnes & Noble visitors that day: Rebecca Gifford, Susan Gott, Sharon James, Betsey Jarman, Kaki King, Mary Klein, Jenny Kornfeld, Jill Meltzer, Mary Ellen OBrien and Charlie Parker. We would also like to extend a hearty thank you to Stacey Barnard, Community Relations Manager for Barnes and Noble, as well as the store managers from the Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Brandon, South Tampa and Carrollwood locations for their hospitality. Last but certainly not least, Florida Craftsmen is indebted to the dedicated board members who organized and facilitated these wonderful events for the community: President Marilyn Mars, Vice-President Jeri Marie Gammage, and Directors-at-Large Lonni Hopkins and Sara Scher. This special event precedes the CraftArt Festival, allowing all of our artists and volunteers an opportunity to promote awareness and attendance at the outdoor event. And&. thank you to all those members that made an effort to visit a Barnes & Noble Booksellers that weekend to support the cause!