January 26, 2013

COLLECTIONS: Celebrating the Art of Craft


January 18-March 2, 2012
Opening Reception: Friday, January 18th 5:30-8:30pm

Your eyes widen and the pace of your heart quickens….something about the artwork in front of you speaks to you in a way few other pieces do. The desire to be able to experience this piece every day is overwhelming …that’s how collecting begins.

“COLLECTIONS: Celebrating the Art of Craft” features selected pieces from artwork of over 15 collectors. It showcases the work of current and past craft artisans of note including Christina Federighi, Sang Roberson, Grady Kimsey, Robert Hodgell and many others.

Artists represented in this exhibition:

Alan Johnson, Bede Clark, Bob Kopek, Bonnie Seaman, Charles Brown,Charles Parkhill, Charlie Parker, Christina Federighi, Chuck Boux, Cynthia Wynn, David Bewley, David McKirdy, Duncan McClellan, Ed Ross, Elsa Freund, Grady Kimsey, Harvey Sadow, Jack King, James Bassham, Jean Yao, John Tilton, Judith Powers, Kathleen Wilcox, Kristen Holeman, Larry Hasiak, Laura Bryant, Lloyd Jones, Lynn Mayne, Maria Britto, Marlene Glickman, Mary Klein, Matt Schaffer, Matthew Steckley, McKenzie Smith, Michael Mick, Owen Pach, Paul Eppling, Phil Parker, Rob Giordano, Robert Hodgell, Rocky Bridges, Roddy Reed, Russ Gustafson Hilton, Salibouttavong Sisaleumsak, Sally Broadwell, Sang Roberson, Susan Livingston, Susan Shapiro, Tim Ludwig, Tom McCarthy, Tom Turner, Vincent Sanson, Yasuku Nakamuri