October 2, 2013

Crochet Coral Reef


The St. Petersburg Satellite Reef at Florida Craftsmen
June 8-September 1, 2012

Own Pieces of the Reef!

  • To bid on the silent auction for the Octopus, the Lionfish and/or the Large Grouper, click here
  • Other pieces of the reef can be purchased on Saturday, September 1st from 2-5:30pm and Tuesday and Wednesday, September 4th & 5th from 10am-5:30pm. Most pieces will be priced from $3-$8 each.



A Satellite of the worldwide Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef Project created by Margaret and Christine Wertheim of the Institute For Figuring in Los Angeles.

Originating in California as the brainchild of twin sisters, one in science and one in art, the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef project unites math, science, and arts. The ruffled shapes created through crochet illustrate the hyperbolic plane while calling attention to the plight of coral reefs around the world. Fiber artists are challenged to create diverse shapes but crochet is a relatively easy skill to learn.

Florida Craftsmen has engaged the community to create a Satellite Coral Reef which will be on display this Summer  at the Florida Craftsmen Gallery in downtown St. Petersburg. Over 290 people have created thousands of crocheted coral, shells, fish, eels, rays and so many more incredible forms. The finished reef fills the 1200 sf exhibition gallery with a bleached reef, an oil spill reef and some fun surprises in store.

Area marine scientists are presenting programming about marine life issues, how these crocheted forms actually explain a very complex mathematical theory, and how a project like this can bring diverse groups of people together. We currently have people from  4 countries, 5 states and numerous locations in Florida who contributed coral pieces to the project!




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